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Transforming Spaces with Statement Walls: A Renter-Friendly Guide

Transforming Spaces with Statement Walls: A Renter-Friendly Guide

As a renter, the idea of personalizing your space can be both exciting and daunting. One of the biggest hesitations comes from decisions like installing wallpaper. You make think of wallpaper removal like tattoo removal.  It’s possible but incredibly tedious and possibly expensive. Therefore, it's crucial to consider the implications before making such a commitment. However, there's a stylish and less permanent solution to consider: the statement wall.

What is a Statement Wall?

A statement wall, often known as an accent or feature wall, is a single wall in a room that is distinctively different in color, design, or material from the other walls. It acts as a focal point and adds depth, dimension, and a personal touch to a room. This design element can dramatically alter the feel of a space, making it more dynamic and engaging.

Benefits of a Statement Wall

Visual Impact

A statement wall can transform an ordinary room into a visually striking space. It draws the eye and adds interest, making the room memorable and unique.


For renters, a statement wall is a fantastic way to personalize a space without the long-term commitment of wallpapering an entire room. It's easier to change or remove if your taste evolves or you need to move out.


Creating a statement wall is usually less expensive than redoing an entire room, both in terms of materials and labor.

Designing Your Statement Wall

Color Choices

When selecting a color for your statement wall, aim for shades that complement your existing décor. This integration ensures the wall enhances the room's overall aesthetic without dominating it. For instance, if your room features soft, neutral colors, a bold, contrasting color for your statement wall can add a burst of energy and interest.

Pattern Play

Intricate patterns, bold stripes, or unique designs can elevate your statement wall. These elements can introduce a dynamic contrast to the room's theme, adding an element of surprise and creativity. For example, vertical stripes can make a room appear taller, while horizontal stripes can make it seem broader.

Wallpaper Options

Today's market offers a variety of removable wallpapers that are perfect for renters. These products are designed for easy application and removal, minimizing the risk of damage to the walls and avoiding the tedious removal process associated with traditional wallpapers.

Harmonizing with Your Decor

Your statement wall should be a reflection of your personal style and complement your living space. Whether you're aiming for a serene, relaxing vibe or want to inject some maximalist flair, the right wallpaper design can make all the difference. For those who prefer low-maintenance décor, a statement wall with a bold pattern can replace the need for numerous decorative elements, simplifying your space while still making a significant impact.

Installation solutions

Painter's Tape

Mallory Wackerman, @malloryinteriors on TikTok, introduces a solution for renters wishing to personalize their space without permanent changes or damage. Her method involves:

  1. Applying horizontal strips of painter's tape to the wall, ensuring alignment with the ceiling and spacing between strips. Navigate around any obstructions like sockets or hardware.
  1. Affix double-sided tape atop the painter's tape.
  1. Apply your selected wallpaper onto the double-sided tape, allowing for creative expression without long-term commitment. This method is adaptable for various wallpaper types beyond just peel-and-stick options.

Floor Wallpaper

For those looking to innovate further, consider wallpapering the floor. This unconventional approach can add depth and transform the space, making small areas appear larger and more inviting. Marina Grillo blogs more about it here.

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