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Vibrant Art and accessories for the multichromatic maximalist or monocromatic minimalist.

Welcome to Holland House Press, where we celebrate the rich heritage and modern innovation of African-American culture through our unique home goods and decor. Our collections are inspired by the vibrant aesthetic of Afro-modern and bohemian styles, perfect for anyone looking to express themselves through their living spaces.

At Holland House Press, we believe in crafting beautiful spaces that reflect your personality and values. Our range of home goods, from textiles to wall art, embodies a maximalist approach blended with Afro-contemporary elegance, ensuring that each piece stands out with its bold and distinctive style.

Experience affordable luxury with our sustainably crafted pieces. Each item in our collection is designed with care and consideration for the environment, ensuring that you can create a beautiful home while supporting sustainable practices.

Browse our selection today and discover how Holland House Press can help you transform your home into a reflection of Afro-modern bohemian beauty.

Jemel and Jamal Coloring Books

These coloring books contain whimsical line drawings that explore concepts like creativity, friendship, and independence.

Positive, educational and fun—a great gift for any child!

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